Discover Car Rental Insurance

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Add-on insurance coverage is undoubtedly lucrative for the rental giants. Unfortunately, it unnecessarily duplicates coverage potential renters may already have, adding massively to the total rental charge. No surprise then that rental car insurance is the main revenue stream that car rental companies punt with the aim of bolstering their profit margin. Typically, the margin earned from so-called insurance ranks above the daily rental charge.


Stay Focused: Discover Car Rental Insurance


Renters should know that coverage available at the rental kiosk is voluntary, not mandatory. Moreover, the type of cover offered by rental companies is definitely not insurance. When a renter accepts the waiver offered by the rental company, they agree to abide by the rules as set down in the Rental Agreement. Relying on Discover coverage means declining the Loss/Damage waiver offered by the vehicle rental agency.


How Does Discover Car Rental Insurance Fit?


Good question! At best, it offers secondary cover, which means any claim will face scrutiny before your Discover card cover kicks in as rental car insurance. Ahead in the claims queue are waivers offered by the hire company, auto insurance included on your domestic policy and rental cover offered by specialist insurers, such as


Waivers from the Rental Company


Most renters have an instinctive dislike of what they perceive to be upselling at its worst. Many have no idea of how rental car cover works, or precisely what form of protection they will get while driving a hired vehicle. Out of fear, renters reluctantly accept the waiver, naively believing full cover is in place for all eventualities. After all, they paid handsomely for the protection.

Consider that claims against the rental company’s Collision Damage Waiver (or Loss Damage Waiver if accepted) is entirely at the underwriter’s discretion. They could, likely will look at every shred of evidence that pins blame on the renter. They could not care less if the fault was clearly down to third party negligence – you signed the Rental Agreement, and you remain fully accountable.


How Bonzah is Safer than Discover Car Rental Insurance


Here at, we hope that by now you know enough to make an informed and responsible decision to purchase real car rental damage insurance. It is affordable, costing less than $8 a day for up to $35,000 cover from us, and you’ll be purchasing what becomes primary insurance for rental cars. It is by far the safest alternative to expensive add-ons offered at the rental counter!