Car Rental Insurance Enterprise

At last, you get your turn at the Enterprise rental car counter. All is about to be revealed - or skimmed over - regarding the contract you have to sign just to get your rental car. The Enterprise agent seems keen to push things along because the queue of eager customers behind you seems to snake right around the rental hall. But before you sign anything out of pressure, it pays to learn just what you’re getting into when it comes to Enterprise car rental insurance.

Enterprise car rental insurance refers to the suite of coverage options offered by Enterprise Rent-A-Car to protect drivers from financial liability arising from an accident or damage caused while driving the rental vehicle. These options are often purchased as add-ons to your rental contract.

What does Enterprise car rental insurance cover?

The car rental insurance products on offer at Enterprise, and from most major rental companies are all rather similar. Enterprise’s insurance includes the following options: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Personal Accident Insurance, Personal Effects Coverage, Supplemental Liability Protection, and Roadside Assistance Protection. This is almost the same as the coverages offered by Alamo rental car insurance. 

So what exactly does these options cover?

Damage Waiver (DW)

Enterprise rightly makes the distinction between the Damage Waiver and insurance. This waiver covers the costs associated with any damage that might occur if your vehicle is in an accident or stolen during your rental period. 

The CDW does not cover personal injury or property damage, but instead covers only physical damage to the rented vehicle. Additionally, certain exclusions do apply and vary by country, so it's important to read all terms and conditions prior to signing any agreements. For instance, the DW will not cover you if damage occurs in Mexico. 

Collision / Loss Damage Waivers simply mean that you're off the hook for paying for rental car damage or theft, provided you complied with the Rental Agreement terms. Any deviation will likely end up in dispute and potential repudiation of any claim. Your chosen rental company may seek ways of excluding cover following an incident so be careful!

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) & Personal Effects Coverage (PEC)

Enterprise personal accident insurance is a type of coverage offered by Enterprise rental car companies to protect their customers from financial losses associated with certain accidents. The policy covers a variety of scenarios, including medical expenses, disability payments, and death benefits resulting from an accident while driving an Enterprise rental car. Customers who purchase this type of coverage are eligible for benefits even if they have other insurance coverage.

Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)

SLP is an optional coverage that gives additional protection to enterprise rental car insurance policies. This coverage helps protect drivers from third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage caused during the course of renting an Enterprise vehicle. The benefits of this policy are numerous, and it can be customized to meet individual needs. 

Enterprise SLP offers up to $300,000 in liability protection per accident. This level of protection allows drivers to have peace of mind while operating their rentals knowing they are covered beyond what their traditional auto insurance policies provide.

Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP)

Enterprise Roadside Assistance Protection is an add-on that gives customers access to emergency services like flat tire repair, battery jump start, fuel delivery and tow assistance for any vehicle rented or leased from Enterprise. It also covers the cost of locksmith services in case you lock your keys in the car.

Cost of Enterprise car rental insurance

  • According to the Enterprise website, the costs for these additional insurance options are as follows:
  • Damage Waiver pricing depends on the price of the vehicle you’re renting and can range from  $8.99 - $74.99. Note that some vehicles may be excluded!
  • PAI/PEC pricing is between $5.13 and $13.00 per day, depending on the location you’re renting the car from
  • Supplemental Liability Protection is also dependent on location and can cost between $8.00 and $17.00 per day

Caution Going Forward

Whatever the salesperson might say, these coverages are optional so don't check the boxes. Keep in mind that if you take them all, they can add up to $30 per day to your rental bill, probably costing more than the rental auto fee. Sure, you want protection from unplanned incidents out there on the roads. Senseless then, paying extra for coverage you may already have. Stay with us!

Third Party Cover

The most affordable way to ensure adequate protection in case of collision or theft is with third-party rental car insurance. The Rental Car Damage Protector from Auto Rental Insurance Plus provides collision loss/damage insurance coverage up to $35,000 for under $8 per day. Compare that with the $30 the rental company may charge. Click for more information.

The point about Enterprise car rental insurance feels privileged to explain the different types of rental car insurance and inform you what you really need. First though, renters have many choices in terms of rental auto options, Enterprise being just one of the major players.

Check before you buy insurance at the Enterprise rental kiosk. Remember too that you may be at great risk if something horrible happens while you are in charge of third party wheels. Get “That Covered Feeling”, buy primary rental car cover from . Then, you don’t really need CDW from Car Rental Insurance Enterprise.