Avis Car Rental Insurance



As a global rental car leader, one would expect Avis Car Rental Insurance to be among the trailblazer’s with their rental car offerings. It all sounds good initially, but when you dig deeper, you'll encounter a less attractive option. Reviewing the terms and conditions displayed when searching for a quote online from Avis is essential.


Closer Look at Avis Car Rental Insurance


Avis seems to offer many optional insurance plans, which are available for an additional daily charge. In many locations, renters may buy additional liability insurance at the time of rental. The Avis renter is responsible for all damage or theft of the Avis vehicle subject to certain exclusions contained in the Avis rental agreement.


The Rub


With the ‘so-called’ options in mind, Avis claim to waive (or limit) the renter's liability through the purchase of a Loss Damage Waiver at the time of rental. In some cases, renters “may be covered” for loss or damage to the renter vehicle by their personal insurance or charge card.

Importantly, coverage may contain a deductible, as it is not primary car rental insurance. They advise that you check with your insurance company, insurance broker, or Credit Card Company, before you sign the Rental Agreement.


Point of Departure


Would you be able to buy an Elephant from your local pet store; surely not! The same argument applies to buying Avis Car Rental Insurance. It is not the real thing, but merely a secondary channel for you to explore should the wheels come off your rental hire. Check the Avis Car Rental Insurance wording using this link.


Horse for the Course


The message we wish to impart here at Bonzah.com is that you should seek cover from us, rather than place yourself at risk in the event of a mishap. All insurers will seek ways of dishonoring your cover when something goes wrong. This is the name of the game as they all seek to gain maximum profits with dubious, minimal coverage.


Bonzah.com vs Avis Car Rental Insurance


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